Author Topic: IOHK Cardano Weekly technical report 14 / Dec 2017  (Read 418 times)


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IOHK Cardano Weekly technical report 14 / Dec 2017
« on: December 15, 2017, 04:53:46 PM »

Here are the major updates from last week:

    Further work has been done on the Monad stack proposal. Various approaches have been discussed with the various teams involved, and a new approach has been proposed.
    Finishing work has been done on the initial version of the block processing technical documentation.
    The exception handling refactoring proposal has been prepared and is now in review.
    Reporting mechanism review has been finished.
    Work on the code diagram for CSL has been started.
    A release of master on the dev cluster has been made. Local bench tests have been run, and the Installers for dev cluster are now pending preparation.
    A mainnet update (v1.0.3) has been performed.


Work on the plugin system design continued with the Chrome extension API investigation, from which we drew a lot of inspiration for Daedalus plugin system API design. A draft of the plugin system design is taking shape, and the whole architecture has been considered and discussed, from securely running binaries to plugin file structure to messaging and the permission system. In order to ensure better performance and higher stability, the team has replaced the electron-json-storage with the electron-store plugin which takes care of storing user’s data, such as preferred theme and locale along with the ETC wallet data within the Daedalus itself. Software hygiene improvement work continued this week with updates to WebPack and React. The Daedalus team has coordinated and aligned with the Cardano team on the design of the next version of Cardano wallet API.

30 issues have been closed during the last sprint. However, the CI is still slowing down progress a little bit. Paper wallets — requirements were signed-off by management, and work can now start. The first effort will be aimed towards the API and technical docs. Daedalus installers for Linux — the team will try to deliver a "beta" soon, for user engagement purposes. Proper releases are scheduled to start on Monday. Team members will push to iterate on the feedback from last week, to produce a simplified model and a new revision of the technical spec. Some key members are expected to work on benchmarking, sorting & filtering on the new API,as well as on the V1 endpoints.

Explorer is officially paused for now.

The team reports that logic/diffusion split task has been approved, but it was a struggle to get CI to pass. It takes a very long time to fail, and when it fails, it’s typically a false negative (not related to the actual patch). Furthermore, the team continued refining details of peer-to-peer communication patterns such as pub/sub, request/response, and more detailed descriptions (types, Haskell text). They also have invested a lot of time into the CSL monadic effects.

DevOps supported developers with CI and staging deployments, analyzed cluster behavior as load varied and timed jobs executed, diagnosed a false positive alert, and shipped a Daedalus update followed by a mainnet update. Additionally, they continued to work on their own development projects,including integrating a new CI system, Mantis wallet integration, and build tooling.
Tech Support

Last week saw a bit more of an increase of tickets as compared to the week before, although not as much as the week before the last one. There were a total of 915 tickets logged. The top reported issues were:

    Unable to connect
    Unable to see transactions
    Unable to redeem coins
    Issues with the wallet
    Antivirus-related issues
    Unable to launch