Author Topic: IOHK Cardano Weekly technical report 21 / Dec 2017  (Read 388 times)


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IOHK Cardano Weekly technical report 21 / Dec 2017
« on: December 21, 2017, 10:42:48 PM »

Here are the major updates from the team:

    More work on Monad stack proposal has been done. The team is going to have more discussions with the engineering and networking leads in the coming week.
    The team tackled finishing work on the initial version of the block processing technical documentation.
    Furthermore, the team prepared Exception Handling Refactoring proposal. The document is currently waiting to be reviewed.
    The Update system document’s internal review has been successfully finished.
    The team has finalized spec/proposal on checked/unchecked deserialization approach.
    Significant effort has been focused on preparing installers for master deployed on dev cluster.


Preparing the first release of Daedalus wallet with Ethereum Classic support, both Daedalus and Grothendieck teams committed most of the week to testing and fixing bugs. Smaller issues, such as the issue with transaction sorting, have been found and fixed. Team has started working on a new feature for sending bug reports from Daedalus with the possibility to attach logs.

Here are the latest updates from the team:

    Work has been done on refactoring the database layer to read the database exactly once in all GET/list queries.
    Performance improvements for the newPayment endpoint have been made.
    Team members have written a technical proposal on how to change underlying crypto derivation schemes without breaking Address' compatibility.
    The team has made an attempt to complete as many V1 endpoints as possible.


Explorer has been officially paused for now.

A rather large refactoring to separate blockchain logic from network diffusion has been merged to master, and a second phase has been completed and is ready for review. The team submitted a patch for cardano-sl-1.0 that is going to drastically reduce the load on relay nodes when serving the blocks to end users.

While preparing for the first soft fork taking effect at the start of the 16th epoch, the team was paying very close attention to both the cluster and exchange health. Everything went smoothly. As Ada's popularity grew throughout the week, exchanges informed the team of new bottlenecks, such as slow withdrawal rates. DevOps coordinated with the developers and QA to isolate problems, test, and deliver improvements. More improvements are in progress to ensure long term scalability. To accommodate increased load on the mainnet cluster, the team provisioned 60 new nodes. Additional work continued on CI migration, packaging a Mantis wallet, and general development support.
Tech Support

Last week saw an uptick in tickets due to various issues and an increase in traffic due to the increase in Ada’s popularity. A total of 1310 tickets were logged. The top reported issues were:

    Unable to connect
    Unable to see transactions
    Issues with using the wallet
    Antivirus related issues
    Problem redeeming coins
    Cannot launch