Author Topic: IOHK Cardano Weekly technical report 30 / Nov 2017  (Read 507 times)


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IOHK Cardano Weekly technical report 30 / Nov 2017
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:28:02 PM »

Last week, the core team successfully completed the following tasks: In regard to Mainnet 1.0 maintenance (Core), the team spent time working on non-mainnet clusters. As far as finishing code restructuring, the team worked on and successfully extracted the proof-of-stake Client out of lib. The monad stack has been revised. Furthermore, the team worked on ETC installer integration. They spent time considering extracting the launcher out of cardano-sl

The team has presented Daedalus integration with Mantis on Grothendieck’s team weekly public call, streamed live on YouTube. Final preparations for the Daedalus integration with Mantis were completed for the upcoming RC1 release, like minor issues with translations and cleanup of Ethereum Classic API integration. The team also completed a lot of chore tasks, refactoring and upgrades in preparation for upcoming sprints which will be focused on feature implementation for the upcoming Shelly release of Cardano. Acceptance test setup was improved to simplify test setup steps, and test configuration was improved by updating to the latest cucumber-js dependency. Flow type definitions for Cardano were refactored to type folder and WebPack configuration was improved.

    New members joined the team this week. Here is what the team has been working on:
    Paper wallets - Requirements overhauled to take into account more sophisticated use cases (hot/cold storage flipping, more generality), centered around the idea of “single-address wallets”.
    Linux Wallet work in progress with key members of DevOps;
    Exchange integrations slowly but steadily progressing;
    A key member is going to work solely on documentation issues.
    Other team members plan to work mostly on V1 endpoints.
    Wallet redesign `Phase 1' ongoing - planned for end of december: Propose a new V1 API; Hook the old (versioned) API; V1 endpoints stubbed/mocked.


Explorer will be officially paused after a team member completes one last task.

Last week the team finished detailed network designs which are now ready for review/ sign-off. Requirement gathering was also successfully completed.

Extra IOHK manpower to be added to the team.

There are no updates this week

There are no updates this week.
Tech Support

Last week saw a fairly unchanging influx of tickets as compared to the week before. There were a total of 343 tickets logged. The top reported issues were:

    Cannot connect
    Cannot redeem coins
    Cannot see transactions
    Issue using wallet
    Cannot launch