Author Topic: ADA wallet : Connecting to network issue  (Read 2145 times)


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ADA wallet : Connecting to network issue
« on: December 01, 2017, 05:20:29 PM »
A small number of users are experiencing a problem connecting to the network, and are seeing Daedalus stuck on a blue screen with the “connecting to network” message.

The development team has analyzed the issue using logs received from the users and four different variations of this issue have been identified.

We expect that most people will be able to fix their issue with the help of the information below. If the problem persists however, please submit a bug report using the link on the Daedalus site.

1. Time on the user’s machine is not in sync with the network.

If the time on the user’s machine is off by 20 seconds or more from the internet time it is not possible to connect to the network. To fix this issue the user needs to synchronize the time on the computer where Daedalus is running with NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers, by using the setting of their operating system. Instructions how to do this are provided in the FAQ on Daedalus website.

To avoid this issue in future, Daedalus will indicate to users when the time on their machine is out of sync with the internet time, and display a message and provide instructions to solve the problem. This feature is currently being tested and it will be rolled out in one of the upcoming updates.

Screenshot of the upcoming feature to help users synchronise the time on their computer to the internet time

2. When the user closes Daedalus, in rare cases the Cardano node which is running in the background is not completely shut down too. This causes the connecting to network problem the next time that Daedalus is started.

The Cardano node hadn’t shut down properly when the user closed Daedalus. This may prevent Daedalus from connecting to network next time it is started.
The development team has identified the cause of the Cardano node not properly shutting down, and the fix has been implemented. It will be shipped in one of the upcoming updates to the software. As a temporary workaround users should try restarting their computers.

3. After successful installation Daedalus may be unable to start if the computer’s user account name contains certain Chinese characters.

In some cases Daedalus installation completes successfully, but an error occurs in the generation of certificates during the installation process that are used to encrypt and secure communication between Daedalus and the Cardano node (part of the software that is shipped with Daedalus and runs in the background, ie users do not see it). This issue was resolved, and the update will be released with one of the upcoming Cardano updates. As a temporary workaround, users should try creating a user account on their computer that uses Latin characters.

4. Daedalus can’t use port 8090 because it is already used by some other process on the user’s device or is blocked by a firewall.

A fix for this issue cannot be provided but the development of a new feature is planned that will display details about this issue.

    Easier problem reporting

A feature is currently being built which will allow easier problem reporting directly from the Daedalus user interface. Users will be able to attach logs to error reports without the need to look for the files on their hard drive. Logs that will be sent do not contain sensitive information and users will be able to review what is being sent before submitting the report.

This will make reporting issues much simpler and will speed up the process of analyzing and fixing problems.