Author Topic: IOHK Cardano Weekly technical report 25 / Jan 2018  (Read 174 times)


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IOHK Cardano Weekly technical report 25 / Jan 2018
« on: January 26, 2018, 10:35:33 AM »

This week’s update will be available shortly.

Work on wallet accounts has continued in this sprint and the new wallet account settings page was completed. This effort will continue through the next couple of sprints, and it is planned to have this feature ready for integration of the frontend with the Ledger Nano S support on the backend. Upcoming feature for sending bug reports with logs attached has been expanded to allow users to send these reports from the connecting and syncing screens so users can report issues with the wallet that prevent Daedalus showing the main user interface, ie. when block syncing cannot be completed. Feature for displaying an error when the time on the user’s machine is not in sync with the network has been expanded with the link to FAQ with the instructions how to fix this issue and improved copy.

Here are the latest updates from the team:

    Working on merging the feature branch with the new wallet code into ‘develop’, to streamline our development process and to include all the changes to the new wallet committed since the 18th of December
    Key members are working on an initial benchmarking/testing setup for the old wallet; the aim is to create test scenarios, which would mimic the exchanges environment, so that the wallet can be properly tested in order to boost confidence that the software is fully capable of handling the load from these partners.
    Other key team members are working on the DB & Mempool consistency patches; the aim is to rewrite parts of the storage layer of the old wallet so that it will perform better and more reliably for exchanges.
    A team member started drafting an initial formal spec for the new wallet taking ideas from a research paper on Utxo accounting. This draft will guide the implementation of the new wallet data layer, from first principles.
    Yet another team member is investigating the solution space for a much faster procedure to restore an HD-wallet from seed.


New requirements await sign-off. No progress from last week as all resources were in Lisbon and re-assigned to address immediate work outlined for the Byron Reboot.

Last week was all about Lisbon and discussing processes and future developments around Cardano. A key member has meanwhile deployed 1.1 to staging. This week the team is continuing efforts on getting new Build Automation Software to be used for Daedalus and fixing last known issues with regards to the upcoming release.
Tech Support

Last week saw a steady flow of new tickets. No significant upticks in tickets have been reported. The Tech support team received a total of 964 tickets, out of which 585 were successfully resolved and the remaining 379 are currently being followed up and resolved by the tech support team. The top reported issues were:

    Unable to connect
    Unable to see transactions
    Issues with using the wallet
    Antivirus related issues
    Cannot launch