Approximately how much you earned for the time on the cryptocurrency?

1$ - 99$
100$ - 199$
200$ - 500$
501$ - 999$
More than 1000$

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How to earn cryptocurrency with attachments
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:43:21 PM »
Earnings on the growth rates of cryptocurrencies

At first glance, this is the easiest kind of earnings. All you need is to buy this cryptocurrency and keep them, preferably longer. Because the more you hold them, the greater grows their course.

So for 2017 most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin has increased 15 fold, and Ripple have increased 400 times. It would seem that it may be easier to keep the cryptocurrency. But you need to be able to correctly create a cryptocurrency portfolio, to monitor the change in rates of cryptocurrencies in order to be able either to sell the surplus cryptocurrency, or, conversely, to buy the needed cryptocurrency. But even this is not the most important thing.

The most important thing when storing of cryptocurrency is that they are not stolen. That is, to be able to keep the cryptocurrency. After all, crack all. It is only the largest and most significant theft of funds: Major hacks and kriptotekh 2017. If you perform, we can understand that by breaking not only the ICO, which collected large sums, but they don't have enough experience to keep the funds raised, hacked and cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges and mining farm. That is, professionals with extensive experience from its security and cybersecurity, which are able to repel the attacks of the hackers.

But the question of money. A cryptocurrency and especially Ethereum is very clear and the hack is not difficult on the wallet number to track the amount that is on it. This can be done by anyone, even without special training and knowledge. Thus, due to the transparency of cryptocurrency hackers know where and what to look for. They deliberately used their attacks and know how much you will receive in case of success.

The only way to save your money — do not expose the hackers to temptation. Do not store large amounts in one account, especially if you earn by storing, on the growth of the cryptocurrency. It is necessary to allocate funds from different accounts to use different cryptocurrency wallets. After all, any purse, especially online wallet may be closed and you will lose all your money.

While earnings growth rates of cryptocurrencies need to pay special attention to ensuring the safety of their funds. Therefore the choice of wallet is a top priority. Cryptanalytic wallet must be secure, reliable and time-tested. And never store large amounts on the same account.

Earnings on hardforce

Now Bitcoin is experiencing a big problem with scalability. The Bitcoin network is very busy, payments are sometimes confirmed for weeks. The queue for the confirmation of payments is growing every day. Miners cannot cope with the existing load. The only way Bitcoin users that their payments were processed and received a confirmation over the network, to offer the miners a large fee to the miners included in the payment unit. All this leads to the fact that the Commission for the Bitcoin network is constantly growing and it makes no sense to transfer amounts smaller than$ 100. Some wallets do not even communicate with small payments and to translate large amounts of of$ 100 and above than cause dissatisfaction of users and lose a portion of their customers.

Cryptologist Bitcoin is concerned about this existing problem. Bitcoin enthusiasts offer their own solutions of this situation and develop new technologies of processing of payments. Hardforce intended to solve the existing problem of delay in the payment of Bitcoin and to reduce the "jams" within the network.

The theoretical goal of any hard forks to make Bitcoin better, that is to invent a technology that would allow to speed up the flow of payments and reduce commissions.

But the problem is that hardforce conduct is not always true enthusiasts and lovers of crypto-currencies who want to improve Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other currencies. Because hardforce possible for any cryptocurrency. There are people who under the pretext of fashion trend want to steal your money. The thing is, to get a free coin hard forks new, Bitcoin users should submit private keys from a wallet in Bitcoin which at the time of committing hard forks the money was kept. After all, the organizers hard forks should know how much you earn cryptocurrency. And the only proof that you had at the time BTC hard forks to provide access to your wallet, that is designed to provide developers with a private key from a Bitcoin wallet. Give the private key from the wallet in Bitcoin — it's like giving a key to his apartment. As soon as you provide the private key, you give another person the right to use all of your money on the wallet.

It is therefore very important before you give the keys to their wallets in Bitcoin to get coins, a new cryptocurrency to Bitcoin wallet all their money, so no one can steal your money because their wallet will be gone.

During hairforce Gold Bitcoin, some users provided the keys with full wallet in Bitcoin. As well as multi-currency wallets, people have lost not only Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies. The organizers are hard forks of Bitcoin Gold this way has stolen cryptocurrency is worth about $33 million didn't Even have to hack, to conduct a hacker attack. It was enough to declare hardwork and people voluntarily gave to the organizers closed accounts to their accounts in Bitcoin.

Be very careful, under the guise of hard forks can hide and cheaters. So if you want to get free coins, be sure to provide the private key to the wallet bring it all means.

Good luck in earning!